Developed in association with Logicalis, a global IT company, our platform guarantees that the decarbonization process is secure and universal. By backing the carbon credit in registered and validated transactions via Distributed Ledger Technology (or DLT, the blockchain foundation), we ensure transparency and tamper-proofing, meeting all compliance requirements and ensuring that every credit is only used once.

The BlockC platform operates with carbon credits from various origins, such as clean and renewable energy generation, waste depletion and forest conservation. The credits are issued and curated by the UN and other platforms which follow strict protocols, and are verified and certified from time to time.


This module is the first level of the system and the first step on the decarbonization pathway, enabling detailed recording, calculations, consolidation and tracking of our customers’ greenhouse gas emissions. The reports generated by the Inventory Module allow visualization of the metrics and values of local and global gas emissions, controlling scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions of the GHG Protocol.


Here, the greenhouse gas emissions inventory incorporates the entire ecosystem of your business and is gradually expanded to include your vendors, partners and customers. The Value Chain Module reports focus on scope 3 of the GHG Protocol and enable granular detailing of the emissions of every external partner as well as an integrated view of your company’s ecosystem.


Using this module, environmental asset certification bodies and independent auditors can monitor the emissions of your business and every link of your value chain in real time. The panel shows emission reduction or renewable energy certificates from the detailed inventory of your company and your vendors, partners and customers, ensuring that the auditors are able to access all process controls.


Here it is possible to manage and curate the neutralization projects so that your company and your value chain can offset emissions, enabling public and integrated management of the entire process. The Neutralization Module offers all the environmental assets available, such as environmental offset certificates for scopes 1 (REDD+ carbon credits), 2 (renewable energy) and 3 (MDL-standard carbon credits).


The decarbonization pathway of your company comes to an end by using this tool to measure greenhouse gas abatement targets and costs. The carbon budget is defined by the parameters of your business and value chain, with emphasis on the effort required to decarbonize every link of this chain. The emissions cut is suggested using various types of actions, and the distribution of your targets and goals, based on quantifiable scientific evidence encompassing the entire value chain.